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HEC supporter Tyler Kanczuzewski has written a new book, Reinvent Your Waste. Tyler is the vice president of sustainability, an investor, and board member at Inovateus Solar. He also serves as the sustainability manager and co-owner of Logistick, Inc. Both businesses, located in South Bend, are valued HEC Green Businesses!

Originally from South Bend, Tyler immersed himself in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan sustainability community while working on his MBA (with a sustainable emphasis) at Grand Valley State University. He graduated in 2019 and has since led company efforts in stewardship and sustainable practices for both Inovateus Solar and Logistick.

Tyler completed his undergraduate work at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN, and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. Tyler now also serves as an Advisory Board Member of PVpallet, Inc (reusable pallet concept), Board Member for St. Joseph County Parks Foundation, and sits on a regional leadership council for the Michigan Sustainable Business Forum. Tyler volunteers with a group called that is helping advance solar equipment recycling and sustainable solar resources. He is also a proud member and supporter of 1% for the Planet, Mamoni 100, Carbon Neutral Indiana, and Ambassador for Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Sustainability, circular economy, renewable energy, and conservation are all issues Tyler is passionate about. He is dedicated to making a positive impact on those around him, and to help the world think more about stewardship and sustainability. Tyler currently lives in an eco-friendly, solar powered tiny house in South Bend. He enjoys yoga and meditation, fitness, eco-adventuring the planet, playing drums and music, fishing, and mountain biking.

About Reinvent Your Waste

Every year, millions of tons of waste go to landfills across the country and are considered safely buried to decompose. Are there more innovative ways to recover waste and create greater value, economically speaking? Tyler explores this question extensively.

Reinvent Your Waste covers the history of waste and garbage and the progression of waste management and recycling in the U.S. The book highlights four themes – respect, recover, reinvent, and restore, with each section offering insights and inspiration for anyone wanting to embrace sustainability practices, improve the way we live, and reduce our impact on the planet.

Tyler will be holding a book signing at Fables Book Store in Goshen, IN, Feb 2nd, 6-8pm EST. Congrats, and thank you for being a strong environmental steward, Tyler!

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