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“Reinvent Your Waste” by Tyler Kanczuzewski

Please join ND Energy and Student Government for a motivational presentation on the challenges of waste management and the opportunities to reinvent waste as a valuable resource. Tyler Kanczuzewski, local entrepreneur and sustainability expert, will discuss his recent book, Reinvent Your Waste, summarizing his 4-step plan and call-to-action guide for stewards to reinvent and revalue waste. A reception with light refreshments will follow. All are welcome to attend.

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Numerous movements, initiatives, and policies have been implemented to spread awareness and to help people think differently about waste conservation and recovery. One great initiative was the 3R mindset adopted in the 1970s: reduce, reuse, recycle. The 3R mindset worked tremendously well and is still used today. The ’70s in general were a pivotal decade for creating much-needed sustainable mindset shifts to fight the growing epidemic of waste and pollution. Now, forty-plus years later, sustainability efforts have grown, and waste management is gradually improving. However, are these sustainable initiatives most efficient and timely enough, and can sustainable waste management radically improve? The short-and-sweet answer and belief is yes. We can greatly reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, litter that is saturating our lands, and trash that is polluting our precious waters. By adopting even newer mindsets, anything is possible, and hopefully humans can reverse these negative impacts.

The time is ripe for a mindset shift toward more innovative waste management. One idea is a four-step plan: respect, recover, reinvent, and restore (4R Earth). The four steps for Earth will first help establish a new approach to respecting the natural world and recover waste and resources to the best of our abilities. Next, reinventing waste is introduced to promote using waste as a valuable resource. The last step is to restore, the idea being to let Earth heal and to encourage earthlings to live more in balance with the planet, assuring that it provides for all future generations.

Over the last decade, great awareness has been spread throughout the planet, teaching people about the growing accumulation of waste and pollution year over year. Waste from single-use disposables, packaging, and plastics are known to be especially high. New initiatives, movements, and policies are being implemented across the country throughout various thought-leading organizations. The four-step plan will help add to a foundation of historical sustainability and give birth to a new mindset shift that will further reinvent waste as a valuable resource. Waste is potentially the most undervalued resource of our time, and now is the time to reinvent it and value it like responsible stewards. The following information can also help any individual with sustainability strategy.


Tyler Kanczuzewski is the Vice President of Sustainability, Board Member and a minority investor of Inovateus Solar, LLC. He also serves as the Sustainability Manager and co-owner of Logistick, Inc., both South Bend based companies. Tyler was recently immersed in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan sustainability community while working on his MBA at Grand Valley State University, with an emphasis in Sustainability, and he graduated in 2019. Tyler has since led company efforts in stewardship and sustainable practices for both Inovateus Solar and Logistick, Inc. He did his undergraduate work at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN, and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, and Major in Business.

Tyler now also serves as an Advisory Board Member of PVpallet, Inc (reusable pallet concept), Board Member for St. Joseph County Parks Foundation, Board Member for Michiana Veg Fest, and sits on a regional Leadership Council for the Michigan Sustainable Business Forum. Tyler volunteers with a group called that is helping advance solar equipment recycling, and sustainable solar resources. He is also a proud member and supporter of 1% for the Planet, Mamoni 100, Carbon Neutral Indiana, and Ambassador for Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Sustainability, circular economy, renewable energy, and conservation are things Tyler equally loves. He is passionate about making a positive impact on those around him, and to help the world think more about stewardship and sustainability. Tyler currently lives in an eco-friendly and solar powered tiny house in a forward-thinking neighborhood of South Bend, IN. He likes yoga and meditation, fitness, anything outdoors, eco-adventuring the planet, playing drums and music, fishing, mountain biking, playing basketball and golfing. Ask him about the new book he just published, Reinvent Your Waste, he would love to talk to you about it!

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