Reinvent Your Waste is a book about the history of waste, or garbage, and the progression of waste management and recycling in the United States, with some special emphasis on the state of Michigan.

The book highlights four themes – respect, recover, reinvent, and restore, with each section offering insights and inspiration for those who want to be better stewards for Earth.

In plain language, the author answers questions such as:

• What is the growing waste doing to our natural ecosystems and to Earth’s ancient systems?

• Can the negative impact of waste somehow be reversed?

• Is waste – particularly material solid waste and products– being properly valued and used?

Every year, millions of tons of waste go to landfills across the country and are considered safely buried to decompose. Are there more innovative ways to recover waste and create greater value, economically speaking?

This study hits on many topics, but all are aligned to handle waste in a more sustainable and steward-like way. The major theme of the book is to inspire all people in society to reinvent waste.